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Teeth Whitening

Professional Whitening Solution | Custom Made Retainer

Smile Straight Orthodontics is excited to offer teeth whitening service with your orthodontic treatment. You will receive a custom-made in-house Essix retainer, along with a professional whitening solution (not available for retail purchase). The clear plastic Essix retainers are custom-molded for your teeth and can last years.

Teeth whitening can be purchased and financed with your treatment, at the completion of your treatment, or individually without any orthodontic treatment.

Your first teeth whitening treatment will be done in our office by one of our dental professionals. We will custom fit your retainer, apply the first whitening application and then teach the process to continue your remaining whitening treatments conveniently at home.

Full Details:

  • Can be purchased and financed with treatment or purchased after treatment for $299.
  • Offered individually without ortho treatment for $350.
  • We provide a whitening tray (Essix retainers) and four syringes of professional strength teeth whitening product.
  • Refills can be purchased at half price of the original cost.
  • The first whitening application in-office by one of our professionals. They will then provide instructions to allow you to conveniently apply the remaining applications at home.

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